Hjälp Carlo från Holland

Dear people at the Campingveteranerna,

I apologise for writing to you in English. I am from the Netherlands.
Please write to me in Swedish if that’s easier for you, I will try to translate!

I am a classical car and caravan enthusiast from the Netherlands. Volvo and SMV are my passion. I drive a 1984 Volvo 240 on a daily basis, and camp in a 1963 SMV 10 caravan or tent.Via the website husvagnsforum.com I was pointed in your direction regarding a brochure of the SMV 10 (picture attached). Can I buy one ore more copies or receive a PDF file of this brochure?
In general, I am interested in all information (brochures, pictures, drawings) and parts of the older SMV types, +/- until 1980.
At this moment, I am particularly interested in all information I can get about the SMV 8 caravan, because I am restoring one at this moment.
My restoration project is from 1958. Unfortunately, many details of this caravan are unclear or missing. I am sure I would benefit very much from brochures, pictures or drawings of a SMV 8 caravan in your club, if any. Especially the interior interests me at this moment: I could mostly use pictures and details of the sinkable kitchen floor, the heating system and the roof light (roof window) of the SMV 8 type caravan.I would really appreciate your help. All help is welcome. The SMV factory in Örebro did not respond to my e-mails both in English and Swedish, and it’s very difficult to find information about the SMV 8 and other SMV types on the internet or in the Netherlands.
For your information, I have attached pictures of the restoration project and of my 1963 SMV 10.
Thank you very much in advance, with best regards,CarloDen Haag, the Netherlands


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  1. jag testar skriver:


  2. Otto Ring skriver:

    Hej Carlo
    SMV-factory has a new owner and Its diffucult to reach them right now. I live in Örebro and I also need some advise. I have à SMV 12 but some relatives have à SMV 8 so I might be able to get some photos for you. I dont know if there are some original owner-manuals left.
    Med vänlig hälsning Otto

  3. Carlo skriver:

    Dear Otto,

    Thank you very much for your reply. I am sorry for my late answer, I didn’t notice it before.

    It has been impossible for me and the Dutch SMV Friends to establish contact with the SMV factory, unfortunately. We have tried over 10 times now both in English and Swedish and don’t understand why communication with the factory is impossible.

    If you can help out, that is much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance!

    With best regards,


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